Wonderful Paella Journey

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

Often people think that Spanish food it’s just about tapas, jamon and Croquetas. Fortunately, that's not true. It’s so much more! Let us take you to a wonderful Paella Journey, where we will show you all about the different types of paellas and maybe even convince you why you should have this delicious dish at your next catered event.

Let’s start with the Original Paella, that was born in Valencia, East Coast of Spain. Here the Paella is most commonly made with chicken and pork. Sometimes they use rabbit, but is something that I call ‘an acquired taste’, because it’s not for everyone (we think it’s great!).

Chef Pepe with a delicious Seafood Paella

Then we have the Paella mixta; which is a mixture between the Valenciana and the Seafood. The main ingredients are meat, chicken and seafood.

When it comes to fresh and unique flavours, there’s the Famous Seafood Paella - it usually contains prawns, calamari, mussels and other seafood depending on what’s available. What about the vegetarians?! We do have an option for our herbivore freinds. The vegetarian Paella contains mostly all fresh seasonal produce and lots of mushrooms; they make the Paella softer and super tasty. Pepe has his secret recipe to make the Vego Paella incredibly yummy.

So why have Paella at your next catered event? Paella is party food! Whether its a relaxed Sunday session, a wedding, engagement or birthday party its food that is easily shared and enjoyed, plus, with all of the different styles of Paella described above, you can be sure that you can cater to all dietary requirements.

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